How can I find out what schools, social care and health should be providing for my child?

In September 2014 a new SEND code of practice was published and this set out how decisions should be made for children and young adults with SEND. This is statutory guidance and all schools, local authorities and health providers must have regard to it when providing for SEND children/young adults.

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How accessible is your school?

Our school has a disabled access at the front of the main building and also into the EYFS area. The school is arranged on two floors. The upper level is only accessible by stairs. We have a disabled toilet in school.

Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility.

How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom including school trips?


We ensure that all children are offered the opportunity to participate with activities outside of the classroom by selecting appropriate venues and making reasonable adjustments to the organisation of these. We ensure SEND children have an appropriate level of adult support if going out of school, we organise transport that provides appropriate access and staff complete a comprehensive risk assessment of any excursion to ensure all children are safe and included.

How will your school prepare my child for the transition to Secondary school?

Children with SEND are given an extensive level of support before they leave for a new school. Their teacher and SENCO will discuss with secondary colleagues how many transition visits may be arranged over and above those offered to children without SEND. These additional visits to the new school will be carried out with the child and Secondary School Staff when deemed necessary. This ensures key information is shared between relevant staff and your child is given the opportunity to settle into a new routine with the support of a familiar adult. The SENCO of the receiving school will be invited to the annual review in year 6.

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